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IMC would like to announce Sukhjit Randhawa is joining the IMC team as a Senior Associate

IMC Team Members
April 14, 2020

As the President and CEO of Zip Equity Corporation, Sukhjit understands the globalization of marketplaces and synergies that can be created by coupling good opportunities with the right strategic partners. Sukhjit was the visionary that set up a training institute (welding, pipefitting, IT and millright) in Coimbatore, India in 2007 in partnership with NAIT and a local Indian partner. Sukhjit also brings his extensive political network to the boardroom table as he has very good relationships with the Provincial Government in Alberta. He can help Alberta companies who need access to government as well as the newly elected Liberal Government of Canada; having relationships with several of the newly appointed Ministers. Sukhjit is a serial entrepreneur, having started hardware & software companies.