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Ready When You Are

Our teams over 1000 years of combined experience allows us to offer services in almost all core competencies.

Business Development

IMC’s expertise goes beyond market assessments and market plans and extends to the execution of business development that takes advantage of IMC’s well-connected network, strong research capability and experienced team.

Change Management

IMC offers change management services in circumstances where clients face dynamic changing circumstances that are out-of-the-ordinary. The change can be driven by changing market or customer demands, digital transformation or other technology requirements and can include restructuring or rationalization of operations. The IMC approach is to thoroughly diagnose the issues and solutions and fully engage the team in the change process.

Commercial Support

Our team members have years of experience supporting new project development, including negotiations of various agreements regarding suppliers, infrastructure and utilities, transportation, customer off-take, technology, construction and financing. Our experience allows us to structure agreements to manage risk. This is supported by our strong market and transactional knowledge.

Finance and Financial Modeling

IMC has a strong background in corporate and project finance. This includes considerable financial structuring and modelling experience and depth. In addition, IMC has identified and led many acquisition due diligence and negotiation processes. IMC also has considerable experience with sourcing debt financing in highly leveraged transactions and experience with equity financing, including technology initiatives as well as non-dilutive government funding.

Government Relations

Our rare combination of senior industry, regulatory, and government experience provides risk mitigation through monitoring, policy development and advocacy support. Our services include policy development, regulatory expertise, and advocacy support, IMC takes a solutions-oriented approach to government relations.

Indigenous Engagement

The IMC team has extensive experience in planning and implementing Indigenous engagement processes. As well, IMC supports the development of ongoing relationships including aspects of community investment as well as enhancing commercial relations and the structuring of joint ventures.

Market Research and Plan Development

The IMC team has substantial experience providing the full range of marketing research and planning services from up-front due diligence and research to strategic market planning. We have conducted market studies in a plethora of sectors and have experience creating marketing strategies for a wide range of clients.

Project Development and Special Projects

IMC team members have years of experience providing due diligence, commercial and new project development support in various industries, including negotiating various commercial agreements such as key financing, customer offtake and construction agreements. Our team’s experience, combined with the experience that we derive from our other practice areas such as finance, government relations, and marketing, enables us to assess and mitigate risk and approach a special project in an integrated manner that reduces risk and enhances the likelihood of strong returns.

Project Management

The IMC team has considerable project management and supply chain management expertise. This includes experience with supporting vendor negotiations, project planning and reporting, management control processes, quality control, logistics support, sourcing technical expertise and general project management support. IMC also provides internal accounting and lender reporting services.

Regulatory Support

We provide in-depth hands-on experience with government departments and regulatory tribunals, providing support services to clients dealing with regulatory applications, including monitoring environmental consultants, trouble-shooting key approval-related issues and ensuring integration with necessary stakeholder engagement processes. We also provide necessary research and application planning and support preparation of applications and public disclosure documents

Stakeholder Relations

IMC team has extensive experience in planning, implementing, managing stakeholder engagement plans and strengthening stakeholder relationships. We do so in an integrated manner that meets regulatory needs while considering political and policy considerations and direct stakeholder engagement feedback. IMC has experience dealing with a range of stakeholders including landowners, environmental NGOs, Indigenous groups and municipal politicians.


We have broad expertise and experience with restructurings, and turnarounds, and with situations involving management transition and succession planning. We do not focus just on cost-reduction. Rather, we assess and optimize product/marketing and overall marketing strategies. We will manage the challenges in a way that allows for a transition to a profitable enterprise, or that sets the stage for a sale to a third party.

Technology Commercialization

Over the past 30 years, we have gained substantial experience in conducting due diligence (technology, market and financial) and developing business plans for leading edge technologies in various sectors. More recently, we have expanded our services to include sourcing funding (both dilutive and non‐dilutive) and proactive business development support.

Technology Solutions

Our Technology Solutions team can provide assessment depth across many growing industrial sectors that are positioned to respond to a range of technical challenges, including decarbonation, clean fuels, carbon capture utilization and storage, and greenhouse gas minimization.

Transitional Management

IMC has broad expertise and experience with restructurings and turnarounds, and circumstances wherein clients require transition management. This has included senior management roles as President, VP Finance, VP Regulatory, and Government Relations and responsibility for Corporate Development and Special Projects.