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IMC Associate Richard Stout and Rowing Triumph

March 05, 2024

(Richard Stout, pictured above, gives a thumbs up as he showcases his 4 gold medals)

Richard Stout, an electrical engineer and integral member of the IMC team who is known for his technical prowess in the office, is proving to be equally adept at conquering the waves – both indoors and outdoors.

The recent World Rowing indoor event in Prague became the stage for Stout’s triumph, as he clinched gold in both the 2000m and 500m events for his age class. But that’s not all – Stout’s British passport led him to qualify for the concurrent European Championship, securing two additional medals and further solidifying his status as a rowing powerhouse.

This victory marks Stout’s third consecutive indoor championship win, and his accolades extend beyond the podium. The seasoned rower also boasts an age-class world record for the 2000m event.

Looking ahead, Stout has set his sights on the World Rowing outdoor event in Brandenburg, Germany, scheduled for September. Undeterred by the shift from indoor to outdoor settings, he plans to compete in a variety of boat categories – from singles and doubles to quads and eights (collaborating with another club).

Stout contemplates the possibility of retirement after the September event. Yet, he envisions maintaining a regular rowing routine at his club. It’s clear that while medals and records may accumulate, Stout’s love for the sport is what propels him forward.

As the IMC team celebrates Richard Stout’s victories, the broader world of rowing anticipates his next strokes.