Technical Specialists



  • Peter Bulkowski, PhD

Peter has significant experience in the chemical and petroleum industries. His experience included 20 years with PetroCanada in technology development and the oil sands. He has also provided consulting and training services to the petroleum and chemical industries internationally. He received his PhD in chemistry from Queen's University in 1978.


  • David Dodds, PhD

David holds his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, and has significant experience in pharmaceutical and chemical process development. He has directed multidisciplinary process development teams in major pharmaceutical corporations, and built new and practical technology bases within both small and large organizations. He has extensive project management experience covering process chemistry, molecular biology, biotransformations and biocatalysis, as well as the fermentation of natural products and recombinant enzymes.


  • Mike Ellison, PhD

Mike received his PhD from the University of Toronto in 1983 for research focused on chromosome structure. He spent the next six years at MIT developing accurate computational approaches for predicting the behaviour of bio-macromolecules. His interests shifted towards understanding the ubiquitin system, an important cellular signaling pathway that formed the core of his research program at the University of Alberta from 1990 to 2003. His current focus is synthetic biology, an emerging discipline that sits at the interface between biology and engineering.


  • Kurt Hansen

Kurt has 41 years of regulatory assistance experience with resource development and environmental permit applications, and regulatory strategies and project management. He has worked for major Canadian, US and international engineering EPCM and environmental services companies for 32 years and thereafter nine years on his own as an Advisor to various industrial clients. Over four decades, he has repeatedly and satisfactorily assisted clients like TransAlta, Syncrude, Shell, Imperial Oil, Saudi Aramco, Weyerhaueser, Environment Canada, Alberta Environment, and institutions CEA, CAPP, ARPEL and the World Bank. His strength is facilitating the common strategy and client end goal among many client-retained contractors (engineers, environmental, health risk & socio-economic, scientists and legal counsel).


  • James Harynuk, PhD

James received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Waterloo in 2004. He was awarded the WB Pearson Medal for his pioneering research into the field of multidimensional separations during his PhD. Currently, he leads a diverse research group in separation science at the University of Alberta, with expertise in the areas of gas chromatography, multidimensional separations, instrumentation design, and the development of chemometric tools for data analysis.


  • John Oxenford

Having spent 24 years with Syncrude, including time as a Senior Technical Advisor, John specializes in technology commercialization, the energy sector and regulatory issues, specifically relating to the oil sands. He also currently holds the position of Senior Vice President, Oil Sands Development for Titanium Corporation.


  • Peter Pujado, PhD

Peter holds his PhD in chemical engineering, and has over 20 years experience in the global petrochemical and petroleum refining industries, with particular emphasis on the production and utilization of olefins, aromatics, and detergents intermediaries. He possesses a strong background in process economics and technology commercialization, and has been issued 35 US patents, and written over 95 items in his field.

  • Joe Zanyk

During his 35 year career with Dow Chemical, Joseph was involved in all aspects of engineering design, construction, and operation of power and steam generation and distribution facilities. In his later position as Technical Manager, he was responsible for all technical development and technology used in the power, steam and water facilities world-wide.