Stakeholder Affairs


Alberta is a province full of associations and relationships between industrial interests and various stakeholders who share a common concern regarding responsible development of natural resources and ongoing stewardship of the environment. We have extensive experience in planning, implementing, managing and troubleshooting stakeholder relationships to better situate our clients for success in their immediate and future areas of interest.


  • Community Relations

The permission for a project comes from the Community, and the permit comes from the Regulators. Effective stakeholder relations are vital to the success of any regulatory application, and for the ongoing operation of industrial facilities. Navigating the specific interests and concerns within a given community or across communities, and effectively contributing in a positive way to a community, are critical to business success.

  • Municipal Relations

Municipalities are involved and engage local citizens, companies and community groups in such environmentally sensitive issues as waste collection, management & disposal, rain water & sewage treatment, and hazardous waste & spills.  As well, municipalities are concerned about transportation and traffic issues that can arise from the development of larger projects. We have the skills to assist projects with municipal relations around locating hazardous facilities in neighbourhoods, and improving overall effective interaction and communication with municipal authorities.


  • ENGO Relations

ENGO involvement is usually a key component to the regulatory and permitting processes. Having the organizational capacity to recognize the emerging practices and diverse stakeholder views can enhance ENGO involvement and the effectiveness of taking a collaborative approach towards consensus. At IMC, our team has extensive experience working with this key stakeholder group to achieve positive results.


  • Indigenous Relations

We understand and work within the complex legal and regulatory context of Indigenous rights to proactively manage or assist clients in the area of Indigenous Relations. We have significant advisory and implementation experience working with proponents and Indigenous groups to reach agreements and pursue mutually beneficial outcomes.