"I liked it so much, I joined the company."

IMC's associates are experts and professionals in a variety of fields. Many of these individuals chose to join IMC after they experienced the benefits of IMC first-hand. Read more below.



"I have worked with Ian Murray and the IMC team for over 15 years. We hired them to help with tough public policy problems at both Petro-Canada and Provident Energy Trust. I also partnered with IMC when I worked for public relations agencies, helping clients to work constructively with the Alberta government. 


I have always appreciated IMC's approach to government relations. Unlike the consultants who trade on their political relationships, IMC draws on their depth of knowledge of how government functions, and builds public policy solutions that work both for clients and for citizens. 


It was an easy decision to join IMC when I started my own consulting practice."

Laurie Stretch (Formerly General Manager, Edelman)

"As the Executive Director of a national-initiative to find solutions to the challenges of conservation, economic prosperity and reconciliation, I had the distinct pleasure to work with Ian Murray and company for a number of years. Ian offered his assistance mediating solutions to the challenge of woodland caribou conservation between the oil sands sector, the forest industry and conservation groups. His operational insights, thoughtful diplomacy and persistent advocacy were critical to forging a common path forward for all parties on one of the most vexing public policy and land use regulatory issues of the day. I was so impressed by Ian’s work, that I and a number of my former colleagues have now joined the IMC team to offer our assistance finding and forging solutions for a range of private sector, non-profit and public sector clients."

Aran O'Carroll (Formerly Executive Director, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) Secretriat)


"I first started to work with IMC through an industry association where IMC was engaged to support the government relations efforts.  IMC’s team of professionals provided valuable insight in developing an effective government relations strategy and provided ongoing support in gaining access to key political policy makers.


I have maintained my relationship with IMC by becoming an senior associate with the firm when I retired. "

Rod Crockford (Formerly President and CEO of Encana Power and Processing ULC)


"I used IMC to assist in fostering relationships between the energy sector and forest sector on common land use issues in Alberta and found that IMC’s contacts, expertise and professionalism saved a lot of time and resources, compared to what it would have been had I tried on my own. As a result, I joined IMC as an associate two years ago. "

Wayne Thorp (Formerly Alberta/BC CBFA coordinator)


"We used IMC quite extensively for government and stakeholder relations. There were numerous instances where IMC's involvement was critical to achieving our corporate objectives, and which we could not have done without IMC's knowledge and expertise. When I chose to retire, joining IMC was a great way to continue to provide value, and still have time for sailing and other pursuits."

Colin Cook (Formerly Vice President Marketing and Development, Oil Sands, Petro-Canada)


"Manufacturers typically do not maintain staff with the expertise to evaluate and support the execution of business diversification opportunities, special projects or feasibility studies. IMC was able to supply the required expertise in our areas of interest that focused on timely and cost effective services supporting important investment decisions. Two key projects worth mention that IMC managed for Al-Pac were: the ability to generate and sell surplus power into the grid generating enough revenue to offset a plant's natural gas costs (~$2MM annually) and converting ~20% of our harvested wood to rail delivery, reducing carbon emissions and saving ~$800K each year.

The time spent with and the appreciation for IMC's team has led to my joining the firm as a senior associate post-retirement!" 

Bill Hunter (Former President and COO, Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.)


"On a number of occasions in past job roles, we used IMC. I always found the service to be of value whether it be monitoring, strategic advice, or advocacy. I liked it so much, I joined the company after I chose to retire."

Peter Kinnear (TrueNorth Energy and Canadian Natural Resources Limited)

"The contributions that IMC made to several initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture was significant. IMC's consulting team brought a depth and validity of knowledge that is exceptional. The IMC team provided the resources and capacity to make an immediate impact on our projects, and were excellent at keeping a firm understanding of client needs and providing advice on several possible courses of action while helping to determine which direction most closely aligns with the stated outcomes.


"I was so impressed with the quality of work and core values of IMC Projects, that when I retired from GoA, IMC was an excellent fit."

Connie Phillips (Formerly Executive Director, Bio-Industrial Technologies, Government of Alberta)