IMC Public Sector Services


Below is a summary of the services we have been trusted to provide to senior public sector leaders and managers since 1989.


  • Program Planning & Policy Development

Strategic Planning & Alignment

The projects and programs undertaken by the public sector involve competing priorities and numerous stakeholders. Our unique suite of upfront visioning and strategy mapping tools help enhance successful departmental planning & restructuring, by producing action plans based on relevant and aligned visions with actionable goals. Our planning services, many that reside within our VisionAct™ Planning & Alignment Suite, significantly reduce the potential for competency gaps and communication failures between multiple stakeholders, thereby helping to mitigate project and budget overruns.

Policy Assessment & Development

We have conducted extensive policy development work on behalf of provincial and municipal governments. We have assisted efforts to develop natural resource related policies related to bitumen royalties, midstream oil and gas issues, technology commercialization, infrastructure, land use and overall economic development initiatives.

Land Use Planning

We have significant knowledge and experience regarding regional planning and land use issues. As the municipal populations and resource extraction activity grows, regional planning and development initiatives will take on a greater importance because of the potential increase in land use tensions between stakeholders. We have the expertise and capability to support municipalities and provincial governments as they evaluate these realities that will greatly affect their policies and economic growth. As well, we have supported clients with inter-municipal agreements and disputes.


  • Stakeholder Relations

Many public sector projects are complex with broad impacts on a wide range of stakeholders.  We possess significant experience in assessing who the key stakeholders are, the issues that require and would benefit from input, and how stakeholders may most effectively and efficiently be informed and engaged. In addition to these planning elements, we have experience in conducting successful and comprehensive stakeholder engagement initiatives, including communities, ENGOs, and Indigenous groups.


  • Due Diligence

We have extensive experience in providing risk assessment and due diligence services, to support the range of decision-making and execution needs of our public sector clients. These assessments have been undertaken across a broad range of sectors, including energy, environment, agriculture, forestry, transportation, and utilities. This work includes financial analysis and modeling, as well as market, operations, regulatory, environmental, and specialized technology assessments.


  • Restructuring and Transition Management

We have provided project restructuring consulting services as well as “hands on” transition management services for private and public sector clients. This has included key management roles related to commercial transactions, regulatory affairs and day-to-day operations. We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, filling in where there are temporary resource or experience gaps. We bring experience to the trenches, with cool heads and objectivity, supplemented by our strong backgrounds in key functional areas such as project management, operations, analytical support, and marketing and business development