What We Do and Why We are Trusted

For over 30 years IMC has been a trusted resource to various industries. Within its services, IMC solves problems and offers solutions to large and small businesses, new greenfield project, technology developers, and to the public sector.  


IMC is trusted for the following reasons:

  • Proven

    Our team is composed of a uniquely experienced group of industry leaders who have had considerable success in the private and public sectors.  Their project, operational, market, regulatory and policy expertise is unmatched in the resource and manufacturing industries.  This breadth of industry knowledge allows us to engage at senior management levels in a wide array of subject areas, providing clients with a powerful blend of practicality and expertise.


  • Versatile

    We are a diverse team of specialists for a diverse range of sectors. With proven, specialized cross-sectoral skills, we understand our clients’ businesses thoroughly, enabling us to identify potential problems early and to tackle them head-on. This allows our clients to remain focused on their core areas of expertise without the necessity of hiring expensive specialized full time staff.


  • Hands-On

    We are an industrious, implementation-oriented team that understands that business moves faster than theory. We dive beyond the whiteboard to uncover problems and act upon opportunities for our clients. We thrive on being hands-on, with extensive project development and operating experience. Our history of implementation gives our clients great peace of mind; we have “been there, done that” and we can see the whole picture when we become engaged in a client’s business.


  • Continuity

    We believe in the wisdom of long-term thinking.  At IMC we take a long-term view for clients and the strategies and solutions we provide for them.  The continuous nature of our client relationships breeds stability, especially at times of key staff turnovers, when we remain to ensure future opportunities are realized and key risks are mitigated. Since opening in 1989, we are proud to count a number of decade-long client relationships.