IMC Technology Services


The following is a summary of the technology services we provide.

  • Technology Assessment

IMC will assess the technical viability of new technologies from the perspective of practical, real world applications. Even before a “time to market” estimate is made, our knowledge and experience in the introduction of innovation can help prioritize which technologies should be pursued.

  • Market Assessments

Getting to know your market using a third party quickly reveals real world insights and opens doors for future sales conversations.   Fully understanding the customer’s jobs, pains and potential gains and how your product or service can help, is critical.   Whether conventional market research or a Design Sprint, IMC follows this with a highly targeted market development plan and, if needed, using our extensive team of senior executives to open doors and provide front line sales support in one or more target markets. 

  • Economic Feasibility Assessment & Business Planning

Introducing a new technology requires more than a vision, it requires foresight and an actionable plan. IMC can develop feasibility studies, where we gather detailed capital and operating cost data for a detailed economic analysis of a new venture or project. IMC will also provide simulation-based scenarios to help proactively and effectively assess risk. Investors demand that key risks be identified with realistic mitigation strategies developed and implemented. IMC integrates the technical, market, human resource, and financial assessment requirements into a cohesive and actionable business plan.

  • Government Funding

IMC has experience and wealth of knowledge in identifying funding opportunities for a new technology. IMC can help companies identify and apply for government grants for activities such as commercialization, marketing, prototype development or testing.

  • Commercial Support & Project Management

Our team members have years of experience in supporting new project development, including negotiations of various agreements regarding suppliers, infrastructure and utilities, transportation, customer off-take, technology, construction and financing. Our experience allows us to structure agreements to manage risk. This is supported by our strong market and transactional knowledge.