IMC Technology Services


The following is a summary of the technology services we provide.


  • Technology Assessment

IMC will assess the technical viability of new technologies from the perspective of practical, real world applications. Even before a “time to market” estimate is made, our knowledge and experience in the introduction of innovation can help prioritize which technologies should be pursued.

  • Market Assessments

A better mouse trap without a market is a hobby, not a business. This truism still challenges the world’s largest corporations. IMC has first-hand experience in introducing new technologies and characterizing end user markets from the perspectives of size, impact, risk aversion, competition, potential partnerships, micro and macro trends and other factors. This will provide a clearer picture of revenue timing scenarios, on which you will ultimately be judged.

  • Economic Feasibility Assessment

To develop the foundation for financeable financial model, IMC gathers detailed capital and operating cost data for a detailed economic analysis of a new venture or project. IMC will also provide simulation-based scenarios to help proactively and effectively assess risk.

  • Business Planning

Introducing a new technology requires more than a business plan document to convince investors, it requires a road map that translates vision and mission into prioritized and executable tasks. Investors demand that key risks be identified and realistic mitigation strategies developed. IMC integrates the technical, market, human resource and financial assessment requirements into a cohesive and actionable plan.