Services to Help Resource Industry Suppliers Grow


You are busy running your business and taking care of customers. Do you have the horsepower necessary to plan and execute for expansion, and sustain the success you have had to date? Our services can help in the following areas.

  • Market Development

Entering new markets or introducing new products is risky. Our team can help you identify product or technology niches, and develop the best strategies for growth, including ensuring you maintain adequate working capital while raising the funds needed to grow.


  • Strategic Planning

We offer strategic planning services that meet a range of needs, be they a complete strategic planning process, or a specific due diligence project to help you better understand risk and relevancy issues with customers, employees and suppliers. (Click to learn more.)


  • Project Development

We have years of hands-on experience with a wide range of situations and special projects relating to project and infrastructure development, providing outsourced management depth, and providing support with negotiations of various agreements. (Click to learn more.)


  • Risk Management & Restructuring

We have been directly involved in the trenches on numerous restructuring and turnaround situations, providing a cool head and objectivity during the dark days. Our work focuses not only on operations and supplier based savings but also improving netbacks and margins through aggressive marketing and product line streamlining.(Click to learn more)