Regulatory Support Services


Hearings and applications can consume significant resources for a company, and to be successful require a thorough due diligence, planning and strategic approach, and a deep understanding of the application approval process. Furthermore, applicants need to have the ability to troubleshoot barriers promptly, and manage the role and perspective of all stakeholders.


We have proven to be a strong supplement to senior executives by providing hands-on regulatory support experience to help them mitigate regulatory risk.


  • Managing Environmental Regulatory Issues

Environmental management systems are in a state of continuous evolution, and require significant expertise to manage in order to avoid costly delays and project setbacks.

We provide a wide range of environmental related regulatory application and execution support services associated with natural resource, utility and industrial project developments. Our combined services can include work on applications preparation including: 


- Researching application requirements

- Assisting with application planning and positioning strategies

- Supporting efforts to manage environmental experts in preparing environmental impact assessments

- Coordinating, overseeing or managing the development and prosecution of applications


As well we provide ongoing regulatory support including:


- Providing ongoing issues management

- Troubleshooting key issues

- Ongoing regulatory liaison support


Our environmental regulatory management services help developers, operators, institutions, and communities address land, air and water regulatory issues from a perspective that integrates our knowledge of commercial, government and policy perspectives.


  • Regulatory Hearing & Application Support Services

We provide in-depth, hands-on, experience with regulatory tribunals, providing support services to clients dealing with regulatory hearings or applications. We also provide hearing support services for interveners or other interested parties. Our services include assisting or providing our clients with:

- Position planning and management, and

- Analysis of regulatory decisions and precedents.

  • Pipeline Regulatory Support Services

Our team has extensive regulatory experience, focusing on energy and pipeline issues in Canada. These strengths enable us to adapt and respond to the rapidly changing policy environment characteristic of the Canadian energy industry.

As rules continually changes and stakeholders adapt and respond, we are able to make sense of these dynamics and provide support in a number of key areas, including:


- Developing technical elements in pipeline permitting applications

- Addressing issues related to costs and tolling methodologies

- Evaluating public policies and identifying stakeholder concerns

- Supporting applicants or interveners in various regulatory hearings

- Supporting stakeholder consultation / identification of key issues


Our regulatory and operational experience enables us to provide our clients with these highly specified support services. At a time when public awareness and sensitivity over the development and transportation of crude oil and natural gas through pipelines is often centre stage, our knowledge and expertise can help provide support and add-value for our clients.