Operations Excellence 


Our Operations Excellence Team is specially equipped to provide support to clients in a number of important areas that help increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness and reduce costs.


Operational Restructuring and Turnaround Management

We have considerable expertise and experience with restructurings and turnarounds, based on strong operational experience in many industries. This allows us to proactively manage key issues that arise, including issues that interface with the finance and controller functions and which relate to product/market decisions to realize the full potential of the product value chain.


Business Process Improvement

We have considerable experience providing hands-on programs for improving operations processes including diagnosing key areas for improvement, developing action plans, implementing process improvements and supporting execution.


    • Process Mapping - We work closely with clients to identify key areas for mapping, developing a plan, conducting actual process mapping (while training key client personnel) and support implementation. Our approach minimizes consulting footprint and ensures continuous improvement during implementation while providing coaching on an as needed basis.


    • Organizational Improvement - Our methodology is centered on people and process. We first facilitate discussions with the stakeholders involved to understand the issues. Then we analyze the requirements and the necessary process flows and reporting relationships. Finally, we overlay the desired approach to determine optimum organizational design. The result is a well-informed organization, focused on implementation of the desired approach with close relation to the required process flow. As appropriate in this area, we work with Creating People Power, leaders in executive coaching and leadership training.


Decision Analytics

The range of complexities and risks surrounding any major business decisions are substantial. IMC uses key tools to assess opportunities and challenges and closely work with the client to implement decisions. Such risk related tools includes decision trees, simulation and other tools. As well, IMC supports optimization approaches utilizing linear programming and other modelling techniques. Our team consists of executives with decades of experience in developing data-driven solutions, and is supported, where appropriate, by academic researchers in the areas of machine learning and data analytics.


Why we are Unique:

IMC is different in many respects. These differences will add value to clients and save money.

    • The IMC team’s vast management and operations experience, allows for rapid and accurate          assessment and diagnosis.
    • “Hands-on” operational support, as required, including interim management for restructuring situations.
    • Extensive analytical depth to support decision-making, including modelling, risk assessment and optimization tools.
    • Support from other IMC practice areas including finance, marketing, government relations and special projects.