IMC Risk Mitigation Services


Following an IMC Risk Assessment, we provide several risk mitigation services that will de-risk a project.


Project Development & Commercial Support

We add expertise to address special situations including providing commercial and negotiation support, and transition management (project management, business development, financial). Our services can include:

  • Transportation infrastructure including road, rail and pipeline and related services.
  • Power generation new project development, third party sales and transmission issues.
  • Negotiations, including those regarding royalty rates for specific projects, complex financial arrangements and other transactions


Government Relations

Our rare combination of senior industry and government experience provides risk mitigation thorough monitoring, policy development and advocacy support. Our services can include:

  • Policy risk assessment and mitigation
  • Policy development and advocacy support
  • Political and policy monitoring and reporting


Environmental Regulatory & Stakeholder Relations

We assist with environment and land use issues engagement with Indigenous, ENGO, community and other stakeholders. Our services can include:

  • Land and multiple use issues, including the Lower Athabasca and Lower Peace regional plans.
  • Environmental regulatory issues related to air and water, including GHG and tailings.
  • Indigenous, ENGO, community and other stakeholder engagement.
  • Electricity transmission regulatory issues, including Industrial Systems Designation (ISD) issues


Capital Project Execution

We assist with the planning and execution of capital projects employing proprietary project planning and execution tools.  These are based on the emerging field of expectation alignment.