IMC Capital


IMC Capital is more than a corporate finance group.  Rather, it is part of the IMC group which brings to the table a team of over 50 executives, operations and finance specialists, who have financed, built, run, optimized, restructured, and sold businesses. Founded in Alberta over 25 years ago, IMC has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to companies ranging from small technology start-ups to the largest multinational corporations.


Building on the IMC legacy, IMC Capital leverages its strong relationships and unique capabilities to provide a broad range of corporate finance services.


Sourcing Strategic Financial Partners

IMC Capital’s team members have decades of experience in providing corporate finance support and an extensive network in the private equity and debt markets.


Sourcing Transactions and Opportunities

IMC Capital can help you identify and source potential transactions. We have strong networks throughout the oil and gas, oil sands, forestry, manufacturing, technology, infrastructure, real estate and resource industry supplier sectors.


Mergers & Acquisitions

IMC Capital provides merger & acquisition support that includes evaluating potential targets, due diligence, structuring, negotiating and funding a transaction.  IMC Capital can also provide post-transaction integration and operations support. 


Succession and Divestiture Support

Companies that have successfully developed and prospered over the last several decades, particularly those that are highly dependent on their leader, need to have a formal succession plan.  IMC Capital can support this process and ensure any divestiture provides value and is well executed.


Financial Restructuring

IMC Capital’s team has an integrated approach to restructuring that combines our strong analytical expertise with our “hands-on” operations, market and financial experience to develop solutions that mitigate lender risk and enhance investor returns.  


Creative Deal Structuring and Risk Management

Our team has strong financial and commercial backgrounds and can employ sophisticated approaches to deal structuring and risk management, including contractual provisions, the use of rep and warranties insurance, environmental offsets, and other tools.


Support Services

IMC Capital offers CFO services to small and mid-size companies, where we integrate ourselves into the client team to provide analytical and mentorship support. We can also provide intellectual property, innovation management, legal, IT, and accounting support.


Why We Are Unique

In addition to the inherent financial expertise provided by the IMC team members, IMC benefits from the broad industry experience of its team.  As well, unlike other corporate finance groups, IMC Capital has access to the depth and resources that the other IMC practice areas provide in the areas of operations excellence, marketing, government, regulatory and stakeholder relations and special Projects. Of particular relevance in today’s marketplace are the following:

    • “Hands-on” operational and project management depth, including interim management for restructuring situations.
    • “Hands-on” commercial support with complex contract negotiations (suppliers, customers, contractors, unions, governments).
    • Due diligence expertise related to new products and markets, operations, technology, and project development and execution risks.
    • In depth knowledge and experience assessing and managing key regulatory and policy risks including GHG, reclamation, and land use regulations, as well as expertise related to Indigenous consultation issues and structuring Indigenous joint ventures.
    • Extensive analytical depth to support decision making, including financial modelling, risk assessment and optimization tools.


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