IMC & Greenhouse Gases  (GHG)



We are involved in a wide range of activities related to GHG, including carbon capture & sequestration (CCS), CO2 offset markets, valuations and protocols, GHG regulatory and policy issues, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and CO2 transportation and storage alternativesOur activities span the gamut of technical, economic, regulatory and policy research, analysis, advice and advocacy. We are particularly active with respect to Alberta’s large industrial CO2 supply potential and its very significant CO2 based enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and sequestration opportunities.


We help broaden our clients’ GHG knowledge base, and their project assessment and execution capabilities.   We also help expand stakeholder understandings of GHG issues including CCS as a compliance option.  Our team is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with their wide range of GHG related project development and implementation challenges including:


  • Techno-economic and financial analysis of large-scale integrated CCS initiatives 
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding GHG fiscal, policy and regulatory issues
  • Analyzing, monitoring and reporting on CO2 capture, pipeline and sequestration technologies and costs, and stand-alone and comparative economics
  • CO2 offset market research and analysis
  • Capture and compression technology screening
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding capture, pipeline, EOR and related network issues
  • CCS risks and opportunities analysis and recommendations
  • Stakeholder communications analysis and recommendations