Government, Regulatory and Stakeholder Relations  


Government relations is a key function for many companies as the government is the regulator of many activities. As such, government decisions can have a large impact on companies’ risk profiles. It is important to take a well thought out, long-term approach to government relations. Our team specialization at the regulatory and bureaucratic level and our strong working knowledge with the provincial NDP, helps us to ensure that risks are properly mitigated and problems are solved quickly utilizing an integrated framework that covers all the angles.


Government Relations

We provide integrated government, regulatory, and stakeholder relations experience which leverages our considerable industry knowledge to support policy development and advocacy as well as regulatory and stakeholder planning and troubleshooting. Over time, IMC has focused on a risk assessment/risk management approach. We also have strong relationships in the bureaucracy and with the regulators. Thus, we can employ an integrated approach to government relations and policy development. This approach helps us to not only mitigate political risks but also provide a solutions that integrates policy, regulatory, political and stakeholder considerations. This approach helps us minimize externalities related to changing political, economic and social conditions.



We provide in-depth, hands-on, experience with regulatory tribunals, providing support services to clients dealing with regulatory hearings or applications. We also provide hearing support services for interveners or other interested parties. Our services include:

    • Researching application requirements under various acts, regulations, directives and guidelines.
    • Assisting with application planning and positioning strategies.
    • Assisting with public disclosure documents and consultation.
    • Supporting management of environmental service contractors retained for environmental impact assessments, and timely interfacing with engineering contractors.
    • Coordinating, overseeing or managing the development and execution of applications.


Indigenious Engagement and Stakeholder Engagement Support

The IMC team has extensive experience in analyzing, planning, implementing effective and efficient engagement plans to build stakeholder and indigenous relationships. As a result we are able to actively support: 

    • Strategic advice to leverage relationship opportunities.
    • Effective engagement planning, tracking and reporting.
    • Audience appropriate communications.
    • Indigenous business investment and joint venture development and implementation.

Our team members have expertise in building relationships with government partners, key stakeholders and indigenious peoples including managing joint ventures and supporting cooperative and mutually beneficial economic solutions.  


Why We Are Unique

IMC employs a unique approach to government relations, which helps us to manage externalities. This approach helps us create:

    • A broad risk assessment including conducting the necessary up-front research to set the context and adequately identify all the risks.
    • Development of integrated solutions and risk mitigation measures – integrating commercial, policy, regulatory, political, stakeholder (including First Nations) considerations.
    • Direct involvement in the policy development process with departmental officials when necessary.
    • Complementary political and regulatory advocacy as required, at various levels of government.
    • Engagement with all relevant political parties.
    • Complementary regulatory affairs, stakeholder engagement and communications as required.