IMC Public Sector Experience


We have worked with all levels of the public sector in Western Canada. We have worked for federal and provincial governmental departments, larger urban municipalities, and smaller more rural municipal groups, and we have come to understand the issues they are dealing with.



We conducted market studies and coordinated trade missions in natural resource, environmental and manufacturing sectors.


Provincial - Province of Alberta

Policy Development:

  • Played an essential role in the development of Alberta’s Bitumen Royalty In Kind strategy to encourage upgrader and value-added development within the province.
  • Policy advice on midstream oil & gas market development.
  • Technology commercialization policy development.


Due Diligence:

  • Completed a study on potential product applications from hemp and flax straw.
  • Completed a comprehensive assessment of the production of printing and writing grade pulp from wheat straw.
  • Conducted market and competitive assessment, producer value proposition, market development plan and research and innovation roadmap reports evaluating biofuel, biochemical, biofibre and other co-product opportunities from triticale for the Canadian Triticale Biorefinery Initiative.
  • Preparation of a detailed assessment of the biodiesel market and opportunities to develop a biodiesel facility in Alberta.
  • Conducted a strategic market assessment for a research and development institution to determine strategic direction required to stimulate real economic growth.
  • Numerous market studies and advisory services focused on the energy and environmental sector in Mexico.


Commercial Support:

  • Negotiated several Forest Management Agreements and a large land exchange associated with a large resort.
  • Undertook project manager role with a feasibility study, studying the utilization of non-wood fibers in pulp.
  • Facilitated a strategic planning session and developed a strategic and tactical operating plan for a bio-industry development initiative.
  • Provided temporary management to restructure a multi-department technology development initiative.




  • Developed a political advocacy program for land use issues for a mid size municipality in Alberta.
  • Reviewed economic development opportunities with large municipalities and ENGO organizations.
  • Provided strategic advice and developed/implemented a community relations program for a Municipal District Council and administration relating to an aggressive annexation attempt by a neighbouring jurisdiction.
  • Exploring economic opportunities available for a small municipality in the wake of the closure of the resource based plant. Work included researching alternative business models and possibilities for the facility and existing resources.
  • On behalf of a municipality in Alberta, conducted a market research program with industrial land developers to understand drivers of future project site selection.