IMC Forestry Services


Below are some of the services we provide to organizations working in or with the Forestry sector.


  • Project Development & Commercial Support

We are capable of adding specific expertise as well as depth to reinforce a client’s management resources. Our services include various contract negotiations (suppliers, customers, financing, union), business development support and project management. Specific areas of expertise are in transportation, energy, fibre supply and bio-products and bio-energy.

  • BioIndustrial Project Assessments

We have helped forestry companies explore opportunities to extract greater value from their resource. Our team of specialists in biofuels, bio based chemicals technology, and project economics, have assembled comprehensive assessments including market, competitiveness and risk studies, to rank opportunities.

  • Due Diligence and Assessments

We have expertise in assessing new projects in traditional forestry areas as well as in the bio-products and bio-energy areas. This analytical capability relates to assessments of markets, technology and operations, including detailed feasibility studies and financial modeling.

  • Strategic Planning & Alignment

We have extensive experience with complex and large capital projects. To supplement our planning capabilities, we offer a best in class suite of planning tools that help develop and align visions, strategies, and business positions, into relevant measurable actions that stakeholders can easily buy in to.

  • Crisis Management & Restructuring

Our team has significant experience in supporting forestry companies through difficult periods and during restructurings providing temporary or bridging management services for project management, operations support, corporate development, and regulatory/stakeholder related issues.

  • Environmental Regulatory & Stakeholder Relations

We have a unique combination of senior level industry forestry expertise, senior level government experience, and a thorough understanding of forestry related policy and regulatory frameworks. IMC assists companies in assessing and mitigating various government, environmental and stakeholder policy risks.