BioProducts & Agriculture

These intertwined industries have been fundamental to IMC from its inception. Our team offers experienced personnel in each of these areas who understand the technical demands and business realities of the industry.

  • BioProducts


Finding new uses for the natural materials that surround us is an exciting and emerging field. From biorefining initiatives to financial assessments of new products, we have a bioproducts background that no other company can match.

These projects may include a broad range of issues such as biofeedstock logistics, raw fibre processing plants, biorefineries and associated energy and bioproducts manufacturing plants. The challenge is to produce high-quality products at a competitive cost, to yield both sustainable profits and environmental benefits.

We have also completed many project assessments in the area of biomaterials and biochemicals. This has included assessment of wheat straw fibres in pulp and paper manufacturing, biochar economics, biochar markets and business planning, flax and hemp fibres in building applications and cereal straws in a biorefinery context.

  • Agriculture


Our team has a unique combination of senior executive management, hands-on farming and technology transfer experience. There are increasing opportunities for project development in the agriculture industry. This is driven by potential technology advances as well as economic fundamentals. IMC has considerable experience assessing these opportunities. These assessments have included ethanol, biodiesel, gluten, DDGS and biomass waste-to-energy opportunities.